Job Well Done, Men

For millennia, men have been the primary leaders of the public world. Many women find this offensive, as if men were intentionally keeping them small. From an evolutionary standpoint, this is simply not factual. Men, who tend to have larger, stronger bodies, thanks to the powerful hormone testosterone, have simply been better equipped to keep out invaders, human and non-human. The task of protecting the tribe from harm beyond the tribe naturally, instinctively, fell to men. Protecting the tribe from harm from within also fell to men, and they did this by putting in place and enforcing a legal system.

Simultaneously, women were plying their skills on the home front, managing the tasks of the household and rearing the children. They were simply better equipped to do this, thanks to the powerful hormones estrogen and progesterone. Their bodies bore the babies, and their bodies sustained the babies long after their birth.

This division of labor was the most natural, efficient way to get everything done for survival of the species.

Things are different now, thanks to technological advancements, especially those of the Industrial Revolution, and women are free to think beyond the home if they are inclined to do so. And many are.

This reality, however, is uncomfortable for many men who operate from the instinctual, collective unconscious patterns of the ages, and who are still wired to experience themselves in the biological directive of ages past—as protectors and providers. These men find themselves offended that women would want to do the job they have been doing for millennia. I’m wondering what the offense is? Do they feel unappreciated for the job they’ve done for thousands of years? Do they feel displaced from a job they enjoyed? Do they feel the home front won’t be protected if the mother of their children is in the world outside the home, too? Do they feel that they aren’t equipped, or are simply disinclined, to manage the home and children if Mom isn’t there 24/7 to do it? Does it feel like women are intentionally displacing them from a role that nature has designed them to fulfill?

I’d love to hear from you, men! What does it feel like to you when both men and women are out there offering their energy to the world?


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